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Cheapest Paint Protection and DIY

Cheapest Paint Protection in Australia

Many car paint protection products are Wax, Teflon, polymer or Silicone. These are substances that can give an impressive shine to an already good paint job, but that have their limits. For one thing they must be periodically reapplied, as wax and other applications melt in the heat or wear away over time. The other is the limited amount of vehicle body protection they offer. The physical barrier provided by many of these products is effective against some chemicals, and partially against UV light; but other chemical exposure will cause the wax to dissipate, as will the hot weather associated with UV radiation.

These products are moderately priced and offer some protection with their shiny appearance. But the continual need to reapply the product mean they cost more money over time.

Glass Coating Paint Protection

Glass based products are one time applications that protect car paint surfaces for many years.

Glass compounds such as iCrystal electromagnetically blend with the paint molecules and become part of the paint surface. This makes iCrystal superior to other products that simply coat the surface.

iCrystal is a silicate ion with a negative charge and the properties of liquid glass. It will prepare, polish, seal and protect pained finishes. It not only repels water it also repels the grime and contaminants that go with them.

Paint Protection DIY

iCrystal takes less effort to apply than most car DIY projects. It is not too different to waxing, except that the application need only be done once.

If your car’s paintwork is already in fine condition iCrystal can be applied to preserve the look and enhance the mirror finish.